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5 Most-Requested Car Dealership Add-Ons
March 21, 2022 at 9:30 PM
Image of a car driving down the road after getting cool car dealership add ons.

Car dealerships face unique challenges and obstacles from month to month. It can be difficult to find opportunities to increase revenue. Car dealership add-ons offer high-value opportunities to upsell during car sales of both new and used vehicles. Customers look for dealerships where they’re able to customize their cars. Here are the five most-requested car dealership add-ons.

Vehicle Service Contracts

One of the most significant stresses for car owners is unplanned vehicle breakdowns. Service contracts provide peace of mind and assurance. With a contract, customers know that no matter what might happen with their vehicle, they’ll be able to get reliable service when they need it.

Avenew helps dealerships offer ten-year/120,000-mile coverage to your customers without risk to your dealership.

Key Replacement Protection

As complicated as life can get, losing keys can just happen. While remote entry has eliminated the immediate hassle for customers who misplace their keys, late-model vehicle FOBs can be a considerable expense.

Offering key replacement protection gives customers peace of mind that it’s a fast, easy replacement without a deductible even when they lose their keys.

You can offer remote-entry and key replacement to customers as tax-free coverage with their new car.

High Roller

Environmental Protection

Michigan cars go through significant hardships from the environment. Salt in the winter, daily bird waste, road tar, and more degrade the finish on a new vehicle. For busy families, it’s impossible to prevent every spill or mess inside the car.

Environmental protection coverage includes the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Customers can get stains and environmental damage repaired or replaced without a deductible.

This car dealership add-on lets new car owners enjoy their vehicle without stressing about stains from their kids, pets, or anything else.

Windshield Repair and Replacement

Windshield damage is frustrating at any time, but even more so when it’s a new vehicle. Even a tiny chip or crack from debris on the road will worsen over time, leading to expensive windshield repair and replacement.

This mobile coverage product for customers includes a complete windshield replacement without a deductible, making it a high-value car dealership add-on to offer. With Avenew’s suite of products, car dealers can provide total windshield replacement even for cracks and stars.

Road Warrior

Pulse Protects

One of the most frustrating things about rear-impact accidents is the driver’s inability to prevent them and protect their new car. Up to 60 percent of real-impact collisions can be prevented if drivers have an extra 0.5 seconds to react. An extra second of warning prevents anywhere up to 90 percent of crashes.

The Pulse Protects is a flashing, third brake light that enables drivers to protect their new car from distracted drivers while they’re out on the road.

Every time a driver presses the brake pedal, the Pulse Protects flashes five times, grabbing the attention of drivers in traffic. As an after-market product, Pulse Protects is a car dealership add-on that increases safety on the road for customers.

Avenew opens new business avenues for auto dealerships with car dealership add-ons.

We understand the unique challenges car dealerships face in generating new revenue for their businesses. That’s why we developed a suite of programs that help dealers create new revenue opportunities. By taking advantage of the Avenew system, dealerships can gain a competitive, lasting edge in their market. We don’t sell a one-size-fits-all plan but work with individual business owners to develop customized strategies to increase their market share and improve their bottom line.

If you’re looking to expand what your dealership can offer customers, contact Avenew to learn about customers’ most-requested car dealership add-ons.