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3 ways to boost sales with help from an auto dealer consulting firm
December 23, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 ways to boost sales with help from an auto dealer consulting firm

Getting a boost in sales at a car dealership can be tricky. New car dealerships often sell identical vehicles at similar prices to their competitors in the next town over. Used car dealerships can distinguish themselves by their inventory, prices, and coverage plans. However, there are things that you can do to set yourself apart from your competitors and increase your sales. With help from an auto dealer consulting firm, you can learn techniques to implement at your dealership to attract customers and close more deals.

Our team at Avenew has put together a brief guide to highlight three ways you can boost your sales. Read below to learn more.

Be mindful of your inventory

Not all vehicles you have on your lot will sell the same. This includes every detail of your vehicle, including body style, engine, make, model, and seating capacity. If your vehicles aren’t selling, take a good look at what you have available for your customers. Compare those that have been selling against what’s been sitting on your lot for 60 days.

When considering your inventory, consider the demographics of where you’re selling vehicles. It’s not uncommon to sell considerably more half-ton trucks if you live in a primarily rural community, while urban dealerships will sell more fuel-efficient sedans or hybrid SUVs.

Improve communication

How you communicate within your dealership is equally as important as how your team communicates with customers. Don’t be afraid to have your team work together or share specific techniques that have shown to be effective when closing deals. The success of each member of your team translates to more success for everyone else at the dealership. It’s in everyone’s best interest to work together because poor online reviews because of one individual’s actions can lead to a dip in foot traffic at your lot.

Beyond communicating with one another, encourage your team to keep in communication with sales leads. Send emails and text messages, make phone calls, and follow up with leads to stay in touch. You might have a salesperson who spoke with someone who wasn’t interested when they first came to the lot but could be shopping a few months later. If you have salespeople worried about pestering prospective customers, remind them that if they get annoyed by their phone calls they probably weren’t going to buy anyway.

Use social media

Don’t be shy about posting to social media. Use Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms to share information about new vehicles in your inventory, new year models, and feature customers who recently purchased a vehicle.

Use Instagram and Facebook to post photos of customers with their new purchase, then encourage the customer to share the post. As their friends and family see where they bought their vehicle, your dealership will be in the back of their minds when they decide to make a purchase.

YouTube and TikTok are excellent places to post vehicle walk-around videos that highlight specific features of vehicles you have in your inventory. You can also post helpful how-to videos that show drivers how to access unique features in their vehicles like syncing their smartphone via Bluetooth or what to do if the battery on their key fob dies.

Don’t shy away from using social media, as you can use these platforms at no cost other than the time it takes to make content. Be sure to use appropriate hashtags and keywords to ensure that your content is getting in front of your target audience.

Get in touch for more

You can learn more about how to boost sales with help from our auto dealer consulting services at Avenew. We’re here to introduce you to proven techniques that will grow your car dealerships with a sustainable increase in sales. Give us a call today at 616-259-6050 or send a message using our contact form.