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How to boost sales using our auto dealer consulting services
January 3, 2022 at 8:00 AM
An empty Toyota lot.

As an auto dealership, failing to see the lot for the individual cars is difficult. The bigger picture is tricky to conceptualize, and maximizing profits is daunting. However, auto dealer consulting services make this more achievable than ever. At Avenew, our extensive industry experience enables us to design custom programs for dealerships that increase returns by 50% to 100%. Through technological solutions, we proudly nurture dealerships to achieve sustainable growth.

Here’s how to boost dealership sales:

Customer incentives

To boost dealership sales, auto dealer consulting firms recommend emphasizing customer incentives.

However, incentives outstrip simply selling automobiles. Customer incentives and add-ons are often an underexploited revenue stream. From body shop services to parts sales, incentives provide a significant revenue bump.

Customer incentives procure new customers while cementing loyalty. Things like free oil changes, paint protection, gift certificates, loaner vehicle services, and other reconditioning services go a long way with customers.

Still, it’s important to offer more than the bare minimum. Moreover, it’s important to offer incentives that your competitors don’t. Ultimately, this requires assessing the market and evaluating competing customer incentives to ensure yours stand out.

If conducting this reconnaissance is daunting, at Avenew, we’ll assess your market and ensure your incentives set you apart and boost auto dealer sales.

Operational efficiency

Auto dealer consulting firms also emphasize optimizing efficiency to maximize profits and sales.

From top to bottom, assess each aspect of your operation. Firstly, streamlining day-to-day operations is crucial. The less time your team spends completing deals or performing other tasks, the more time they have to sell cars.

Integrating digital processes to streamline these day-to-day tasks is an excellent way to boost sales. Still, it’s crucial to start at the beginning. An inspired sales team and sales manager with shared goals are crucial.

Refining the hiring process to bring in only ambitious, self-motivated, and goal-oriented employees is indispensable. Particularly, salespeople must have thick skin, an extroverted personality, and emotional intelligence. Also, accountability is imperative.

Hire accountable salespeople and monitor overall accountability by reviewing appointments, leads, and schedules. Lastly, even things like availability can be fine-tuned to increase profits. Being open seven days a week is important, and convenience is critical.

If you are interested in refining your dealership’s efficiency, we have the experience and expertise to catapult your dealership to an unprecedented stratosphere of success.

Pricing and inventory

Lastly, pricing and inventory are critical to consider. Auto dealer consulting firms target these aspects to improve inefficiencies and boost sales.

Constantly conduct market comparisons among competing dealerships for pricing. Also, compare prices online. Assess where your dealership ranks and make adjustments if your pricing isn’t competitive.

Pricing is a primary motivator for customers when debating between dealerships, and most people make car decisions online. Therefore, fair and competitive inventory pricing is crucial to increase sales.

Moreover, when stocking inventory, ensure you are constantly evaluating what is moving and what is not. If inventory consistently remains unsold for months, reconsider the vehicles you are procuring. Be vigilant and receptive and make notes of cars customers ask about.

Monitor monthly reports to see what is selling, what isn’t, and at what price. Lastly, trade-in negotiations and more are other key areas to optimize.

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To maximize dealership profits, the solution is clear. Avenew is the leading auto dealer consulting solution that customizes programs to take dealerships to the next level. If you’re sick of failing to reach that rarified territory of success, our cutting-edge, tailored solutions can deliver you there. We modernize operations, reduce expenses, and eliminate inefficiencies while improving your bottom line. Schedule a call now to get started!