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Eliminate the middleman and increase your returns

We're a transparent reinsurance partner invested in your success
Helping dealers discover profitability
We're not focused on sales, we're focused on
your long-term goals.

AVENEW allows you to take control of the largest share of after-tax profit while still providing exceptional customer experiences.

We'll help you establish a reinsurance company to share in the underwriting process and protect your dealership against profit-threatening risks. The AVENEW team has years of experience in the automotive industry, making us uniquely qualified to help you find the reinsurance structure (Retro, DO, CFC, NCFC) that works for your company.

Higher profits and untapped growth potential are possible with AVENEW.

The AVENEW System Benefits
Our exclusive program helps you take advantage of new profit opportunities.

We're not offering a one-size-fits-all system. Instead, we get to know your dealership, both your long-term goals and the obstacles you face. Then, we work alongside you to structure your reinsurance company in a way that works for you. Our dealer-partners experience:

  • Reduced or eliminated taxes and fees
  • Total control of vehicle coverage, including rates
  • Long-term tax deferral and improved investment returns

You can provide a better customer experience while benefiting your long-term growth and success. Whatever your goals, we'll help you fulfill your potential.

Dealer reinsurance programs in Michigan.

Increasing your returns with AVENEW
You customize your program to your goals.

Once you've established your own reinsurance company, you'll be able to serve your customers better and increase your returns.

  • Your dealership keeps 100% of underwriting profit and investment income.
  • Cash always remains in your control, and you make the investment decisions.
  • We're your partner in handling claims, accounting, and general administration.

You gain not only the benefits of establishing your own reinsurance company but also our wealth of experience and knowledge for hassle-free administration and claims handling.

Reinsurance consulting for auto dealerships Michigan.

Increase your dealership's returns with
our custom program.