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The benefits and cost of Pulse Protects
September 2, 2021 at 4:00 AM
The benefits and reduced costs of Pulse Protects make it a worthwhile product for both car dealers and new car buyers.

Distracted driving is an all-too-common cause of rear-end collisions and a risk all drivers face on the road. Developments in technology over time, however, have reduced this risk significantly and made driving a much safer experience both for those who use this technology and all other drivers around them. The key to this reduction in risk is getting the attention of a distracted driver, particularly one who’s trailing too closely behind another vehicle, before a collision can take place.

Avenew is helping make the road a safer place for all drivers with Pulse Protects, a product that evolves the utility of a third brake light on the back of a car. Pulse Protects is built on patented technology, and we’ve written on our blog before about the benefits of using it and other safety-focused car dealership add-ons. In this post, we’ll go into more specific detail about its development and how it can help protect you from distracted drivers.

Third brake lights

The frequency of rear-end collisions has been reduced quite a bit over the past couple of decades with the development of the third brake light. Research from government agencies like National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) looked at them as a way of reducing the number of incidents like this. The NHTSA found from a large-scale test that they did reduce accidents and injuries, leading them to require all new cars to have one.

Still, distracted driving has continued to be a major contributor to accidents on the road even up until relatively recently, killing over 3,300 people and injuring 421,000 in 2012. Even after the NHTSA’s requirements were put into effect following their research, police-reported crash data in eight states only showed a 4.3% reduction in rear collisions. Although many lives and a significant amount of money in property damages were saved by this change, it didn’t produce a huge impact in the overall frequency of these crashes.

The Pulse Protects difference

Avenew’s Pulse Protects light is built on technology that’s shown to produce a much more significant reduction in rear collisions than an ordinary third brake light. That’s because Pulse Protects turns your third brake light into a flashing brake light, which is reported by the Department of Transportation to provide enough extra warning time to distracted drivers to prevent 90% of rear-end collisions, improve rear driver reaction time by 50%, and be 70% more likely to catch the attention of a distracted driver trailing behind you.

As written on our product page, Pulse Protects produces a series of five flashes through your third brake light when you press the brake pedal. This pulse happens four times, but doesn’t repeat for the next five seconds if you subsequently press the brakes. This prevents potentially unnecessary, annoying flashing during a situation like bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Importance for dealerships

Making sure vehicles have the latest in additional safety technology is important for car dealers as much as for drivers themselves. In recent years, safety features have become increasingly important to car buyers. In fact, many of them are even more enthusiastic about this kind of technology than more cutting-edge automation-focused features. They want to be able to drive better without giving up control over driving the car themselves. Features like Pulse Protects are a low-cost way to provide this and make any vehicle more appealing to a safety-conscious buyer.


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Whether you’re buying or selling a car, safety features matter now more than ever. When it comes to cutting down on distracted driving and reducing rear collisions, Pulse Protects is the right product for the job. If you’re interested in learning more about Pulse Protects’ cost, features, or other information, contact us today or call us at 616-259-6050.