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What to Expect from Working with a Dealer Consulting Service
March 25, 2022 at 11:30 PM
Image of a business benefiting from dealer consulting services.

No matter how long your car dealership has been in business, you likely deal with the same challenges month after month to maintain your bottom line and meet your sales goals. Working with a dealer consulting service can give your dealership new insights into your market and take advantage of opportunities to maximize profits. Discover a new sales approach when you partner with Avenew for customized dealer consulting services.

Learn to maximize operational efficiencies

If you’ve been in business for a long time, many of your systems and operations may be because “that’s the way they’ve always been done.” You want to pass on certain things to new team members––like exceptional customer service, integrity, and dedication to excellence. But when you train new hires with operational inefficiencies, you’re limiting future profits.

A dealer consulting service will examine your current operations and find redundancies and inefficiencies that cost you money every month. By implementing new processes with maximized productivity, you’re keeping more money in your pocket and increasing your monthly earnings.

Eliminate middlemen dealings

The more services and products you outsource to intermediaries in your dealership, the more you undermine your profitability. But not all solutions drive revenue for every dealership. Don’t settle for standardized recommendations from a dealer consulting service that doesn’t partner with its clients.

Use strategic solutions to eliminate the intermediary dealings eating up your profits while continuing to outsource those services and products that don’t generate revenue for your dealership.

Learn how to drive growing profits month after month

Instead of focusing exclusively on hitting sales goals, a dealer consulting service teaches dealerships how to drive growing profits. It pulls the focus from sales numbers to generating ongoing profitability to position your organization for increased market share.

Avenew gets to know every dealership partner we work with to provide customized strategies for products and services. We’ll help you set your brand apart from the competition and empower you to build long-standing relationships with your customers.

Get help devoting savings to accelerating growth

One of the most challenging aspects of maximizing the benefits from increased savings is knowing where to reinvest growing revenue to accelerate the growth of your dealership.

Eliminating inefficiencies and middleman dealings provide instant savings for your organization. You can offer in-demand services and products to customers with additional monthly savings to your organization.

A dealer consulting service will help you develop ongoing goals to continue maximizing profits and dominating your market, including expanding your dealership into new markets.

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Turn your focus, as a dealership, to expansion

If you feel your dealership is stagnant, even with a reliable bottom line and predictable monthly sales, a dealer consulting service can help. Experts can connect you to a plan for market expansion, opening new dealerships, and continuing to maximize profits.

There’s no substitute for experience in business. Avenew brings years of expertise in partnering with dealerships to help them dominate in their markets. Whatever questions you have about expansion, we can provide the roadmap to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Avenew is a dealer consulting service helping car dealerships maximize profits and maintain their competitive edge.

The Avenew team comes from professional backgrounds in car dealerships, so we understand first-hand the challenges of new car sales. After years of experience partnering with dealerships to maximize their profits, we can help them cut out the middleman and develop customized strategies to sustain their competitive edge in any market. Instead of struggling to maintain your bottom line every month, Avenew can help you cultivate a new approach to car sales to focus on growth and expansion in the future.

Transform your bottom line and maximize your profits by scheduling a free consultation with Avenew, the premier dealer consulting service.